Charles Dicken (1812-1870): Pohon Natal adalah mainan anak-anak dari Jerman

Dalam tulisannya mengenai Natal, Charles Dicken menuliskan bahwa Pohon Natal adalah mainan kanak-kanak yang berasal dari Jerman. Dia menggambarkan, anak-anak berkerumun dan bermain di sekitar Pohon Natal mainan itu.cover buku charles dicken

I have been looking on, this evening, at a merry company of children assembled round that pretty German toy, a Christmas Tree. The tree was planted in the middle of a great round table, and towered high above their heads. It was brilliantly lighted by a multitude of little tapers; and everywhere sparkled and glittered with bright objects.1 (A Christmas Tree dalam Christmas Carol oleh Charles Dicken, 17 Desember 18432)


1; akses 12/4/2015 23:54

2; akses 13/4/2015 0:04


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