Paus Leo 1 (360-461) mengkontra perayaan Sol


Khotbah Paus Leo 1 (390-461) membuktikan Natal berasal dari perayaan pagan Roma.


Sebaliknya, khotbah Paus Leo 1 pada abad 5 Masehi tanggal 25 Desember justru membuktikan Natal tidak berasal dari perayaan pagan Roma kuno, sebab khotbah itu menentang dan melawan perayaan dewa Sol itu. Silakan baca perlawanan Paus Leo 1 terhadap perayaan Pagan itu dalam kutipan khotbahnya berikut ini:

IV. The Foolish Practice of Some Who Turn to the Sun and Bow to It is Reprehensible
From such a system of teaching proceeds also the ungodly practice of certain foolish folk who worship the sun as it rises at the beginning of daylight from elevated positions: even some Christians think it is so proper to do this that, before entering the blessed Apostle Peter’s basilica, which is dedicated to the One Living and true God, when they have mounted the steps which lead to the raised platform, they turn round and bow themselves towards the rising sun and with bent neck do homage to its brilliant orb. We are full of grief and vexation that this should happen, which is partly due to the fault of ignorance and partly to the spirit of heathenism: because although some of them do perhaps worship the Creator of that fair light rather than the Light itself, which is His creature, yet we must abstain even flora the appearance of this observance: for if one who has abandoned the worship of gods, finds it in our own worship, will he not hark back again to this fragment of his old superstition, as if it were allowable, when he sees it to be common both to Christians and to infidels?

V. The Sun and Moon Were Created for Use, Not for Worship
This objectionable practice must be given up therefore by the faithful, and the honour due to God alone must not be mixed up with those men’s rites who serve their fellow-creatures. For the divine Scripture says: “Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and Him only shalt thou serve.” Anti the blessed Job, “a man without complaint,” as the Lord says, “and one that eschews every evil,” said, “Have I seen the sun when it shone or the moon walking brightly, and my heart hath rejoiced in secret, and I have kissed my hand: what is my great iniquity and denial against the most High God?” But what is the sun or what is the moon but elements of visible creation and material light: one of which is of greater brightness and the other of lesser light? For as it is now day time and now night time, so the Creator has constituted divers kinds of luminaries, although even before they were made there had been days without the sun and nights without the moon. But these were fashioned to serve in making man, that he who is an animal endowed with reason might be sure of the distinction of the months, the recurrence of the year, and the variety of the seasons, since through the unequal length of the various periods, and the clear indications given by the changes in its risings, the sun doses the year and the moon renews the months. For on the fourth day, as we read, God said: “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven, and let them shine upon the earth, and let them divide between day and night, and let them be for signs and for seasons, and for days and years, and let them be in the firmament of heaven that they may shine upon earth.”1

Khotbah Natal Paus disampaikan pada tanggal 25 Desember. Maka, khotbah itu disiapkan atau disusun beberapa hari sebelum tanggal 25 Desember. Dengan demikian, peristiwa yang diceritakan oleh Paus Leo 1 terjadi sebelum tanggal 25 Desember.


  1. ??? Desember ➡ Paus melihat fenomena perayaan Pagan.
  2. ??? – 24 Desember ➡ Paus menyusun khotbah yang menceritakan fenomena itu dan menentang praktek itu.
  3. 25 Desember ➡ Paus menyampaikan khotbah yang telah disusunnya beberapa hari sebelumnya.

Fenomena yang dikisahkan oleh Paus itu terjadi tanggal berapa???

Bukti menunjukkan, Winter Solstice abad 5 Masehi berlangsung tanggal 19 atau 20 Desember. Pada saat Winter Solstice, dilakukan perayaan Dewa Sol. Maka, fenomena yang dikisahkan oleh Paus Leo 1 itu berlangsung pada tanggal 19 atau 20 Desember abad 5 Masehi Kalender Julian.


  1. 19 – 20 Desember ➡ Paus melihat fenomena perayaan Pagan.
  2. 20 – 24 Desember ➡ Paus menyusun khotbah yang menceritakan fenomena itu dan menentang praktek itu.
  3. 25 Desember ➡ Paus menyampaikan khotbah yang telah disusunnya beberapa hari sebelumnya.

tinjuKhotbah Paus Leo 1 yang ke 27 ini bukti bahwa pada abad 5 Masehi, Perayaan Natal dan Perayaan Pagan Dewa Sol berada pada posisi berlawanan.


  1. Winter Solstice abad 5 Masehi terjadi pada tanggal 19/ 20 Desember.
  2. Natal abad 5 Masehi terjadi pada tanggal 25 Desember.
  3. Perayaan Natal 25 Desember berada pada posisi yang berlawanan dengan Perayaan Dewa Sol pada 19/20 Desember abad 5 Masehi.



1; akses 7/5/2015 13:24


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